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Home Spa therapies

Want a relaxing day of pampering without spending a fortune on spa? With specially designed Organique SPA home therapies cosmetics you will be able to create a professional home spa treatment at home.


Organique Eternal Gold Line

Organique pumpkin line

Organique Chocolate line

Organique Coffee line

Organique milk&lychee line

Organique Dermocosmetics

Bloom Essence Organique




The SPA therapies are lines of active cosmetics for body and face care, dedicated to the treatments most often performed in the SPA &Wellness centres. They are, at the same time, the oldest lines in the professional Organique offer, and gain the greatest interest of the clients. The products constitute four complete lines which enable to easily perform effective treatments. Create your own SPA at home with professional cosmetics.


The exclusive series with gold for body care invites to the world of beauty, luxury and exceptional experiences. The skin-friendly cosmetics contain rejuvenating, hydrating and illuminating substances. Recommended especially for dry skin prone to elasticity loss. A perfect proposition for special occasions.

Main active ingredients: gold, Xeradin, mix of fruit extracts


A line of deeply hydrating cosmetics; their formulas have been inspired by the wealth of natural plant active ingredients.  The leading ingredient used in the line is an extract from the flesh of a pumpkin - a rich source of sugars, vitamins, carotinoids, proteins, minerals and amino acids.  It has been combined with a variety of properly selected components, creating original cosmetics that comprehensively act at multiple levels of the epidermis. When applied systematically, they improve skin hydration and elasticity, prevent water loss from intercellular spaces and protect against aging processes. The eco-formulas have been developed in accordance with the principles of natural cosmetics; they come in modern, functional and environmentally friendly packaging, which is entirely recyclable.

The cosmetic recipes have been created in accordance with Organique "Safe Formula" rules.


Help for dry, sensitive and irritable skin.  The composition of the line abounds in selected natural raw materials with nourishing, soothing and anti-aging effects. It guarantees restoration and strengthening of the natural protective barrier. The pleasant and luxurious treatment provides even most demanding skin with immediate soothing, moisturising and long-lasting comfort.


Bronzing and firming chocolate line with an appetizing scent that stimulates senses. Thanks to the use of cocoa and various active substances, it acts on many levels: it stimulates the production of skin endorphins, reduces cellulite, smoothes skin and improves its elasticity, and gives it a beautiful tone of a gentle and even tan.  A perfect offer for those who care for their beautiful look and well-being.


A highly active line focused on slimming and combating cellulite. A high concentration of integrated active substances, such as coffee extract, algae and guarana extract, guarantees the effectiveness of treatments and instant effects. Adipose tissue reduction, elimination of toxins and fluids remaining in intercellular spaces. A perfect and simple treatment, not only for coffee lovers.


The new cosmetics from the DERMO EXPERT line are recommended for the care of sensitive skin and for particular problems; they have a targeted action. Our dermocosmetics are designed to help with skin problems. In our offer you will find Anti-acne cream, Anti-couperose cream, Modeling Stretch Marks Balm and Modeling Cellulite Balm.


A series created for the care of sensitive skin of women. Based on specially selected natural ingredients and mild formulas, they provide skin with comfort, strengthening and healthy look. The cosmetics protect against the harmful influence of  external factors, have rejuvenating and strengthening effects. The fresh flower scent of magnolia soothes senses and subtly highlights women's femininity.