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Organique Anti-ageing Eternal Gold

The exclusive Eternal Gold line is a natural and very effective aid in the fight against the signs of the passing time. It creates an immediate effect of biological lifting, visibly rejuvenates, reduces wrinkles and provides skin with an all-day protective water coating. It has been created with the aim of mature skin care as an intensive treatment for strongly dehydrated skin with the first signs of aging. Its multi-dimensional action is based on an integrated combination of colloidal gold, selected plant materials and skin-friendly base.

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The exclusive series with gold for body care invites to the world of beauty, luxury and exceptional experiences. The skin-friendly cosmetics contain rejuvenating, hydrating and illuminating substances. Recommended especially for dry skin prone to elasticity loss. A perfect proposition for special occasions.

Main active ingredients: gold, Xeradin, mix of fruit extracts

Colloidal Gold - from a 21st century perspective many studies has been conducted about the benefits of gold on the skin and all have found significant improvements to the skin's firmness, reduction of wrinkles, inhibiting the breakdown of elastin and maintaining collagen

Xeradin – Salvia Sclarea extract, grown in the monitored conditions, provides comfort and hydration of the skin at the right level for 24 hours. By combining the characteristics of organic oil from the Spanish lavender (Stoechiol) and colloidal gold, biosynthesis of collagen is stimulated, skin density and compactness of the connective tissue are increased, providing a lifting effect and a visible improvement in facial contours. The aging processes are inhibited in the natural way, blemishes and skin imperfections are reduced. Stoechiol blocks further facial muscle contractions, thereby significantly shallows furrows and wrinkles (Botox-like effect).

Mix of fruit extracts: raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, apple, peach, papaya and cucumber

SAFE FORMULA: no silicone, no parabens, no PEG-s, no synthetic colourings, no paraffin or its derivatives, no mineral oils, no alcohol, no products of animal origin, no ethanolamine,  no sulphates, no phthalates

Available products from Organique Eternal Gold line:

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  2. Organique Golden Lifting Night Cream

  3. Organique Golden Anti-wrinkle eye contour cream

  4. Organique Gold Corundum Face Peeling

  5. Organique Golden Rejuvenating Tonic


    Organique Golden Make-up remover